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A table sits alone surrounded by empty chairs. The table is dressed for the occasion, lacy white tablecloths, delicate teacups, proud teapots and flickering candlelight. But the tablecloths are stained, cold dregs of tea float in the teacups and the flowers are withered and dried. It looks like the party has finished but its only just beginning...


Volunteers are taken from the crowd and seated around the table, becoming live ‘game pieces’, the table is the ‘game board’, and the game ‘stations’ are plates and cups, which contain different messages and tasks. The hidden messages discovered by the players trigger various ‘happenings’ and the entertaining elements of the performance. These could be: an explosion of a confetti, the appearance of a mysterious creature behind a curtain, a live music performance - or a song, a dance or someone stepping on the table and bursting into a raucous folk song in an obscure language.


So, if you sit in front of the tea cup inscribed “drink me’ - do it! risk it! And at the bottom of the cup perhaps, you may find a secret message which may in turn trigger a melee of incidents.



The performance aims to detach the audience and participants from the rush of their everyday lives, leave worries about the future and regrets of the past behind and be in the here and now – and experience their surroundings with all their senses. We want to help people; slow down, re-connect to their inner thoughts, unconstrain themselves. The performance art becomes the healing tool, helps to reset the mind, it is a detox session for overheated modern brains.

The audience is invited to join the bizarre and surrealistic tea party and sit around a table set out with a traditional white tablecloth and a cornucopia of crockery and table vessels in all kinds of styles, forms and shapes, with half burned out candles, tired flowers and attractive but worn and chipped tea pots and table ware.

As different tasks are completed the participants of the game move around the table visiting the ‘game stations’ obtaining points as they go If the participants refuse a task or fail to fulfil it and lose all their points they forfeit the game thus freeing up their place for someone else to join in. The aim of the Teatime Wonder Game is to eradicate all the participants until one remains, they will win the Secret Treasure.

The culmination of the performance will be the award ceremony and presentation of The ‘Secret Treasure'. Then joy will flood the hearts of the Teatime Creatures, they will dance, sing and play music and form a procession and troupe up and down and around the table.

Experience a taste of the surreal in a performance that draws upon an eclectic and bizarre mix of sourced material: slices of Alice in Wonderland, a splash of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a lump or two of Dali’s surrealism, a pinch of Peter Pan - all brewed together with a teaspoonful or two of Monty Pythons’ Circus. Be immersed in a dreamland and a secret tea party, play a game with unexpected rules or even, as it may sometimes seem, no rules at all!


TEATIME WONDER GAME is currently touring in London. For details about our performances, please visit our Diary.


The game is also Available for PRIVATE BOOKING. We can make your birthday, hen- or stagparty into a bizarre and crazy night to remember! We also specialise in creating unforgettable corporate entertainment events with Teatime Wonder game; Our game shows are of top-quality production value, high-energy performances with lots of live, on-stage interaction, challenging team play and surprises at every turn. Whatever your evening entertainment is, it will be a huge success and leave your guests wanting more.


Feel free to get in touch with us for further information about making your event a beautifully bizarre success, and to check for our availability!

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