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Peter grew up with a nomadic lifestyle, experiencing many exotic places before leaving school, eventually settling down in London.  A spell at a London art college was followed by stumbling into the world of Design.  

Where day dreaming, pondering slowly and scribbling proved to be useful.


Peter's the aim arts is to capture something lurking just out of sight – that transitory sensation and an ephemeral quality of time and place. He sees the role as an artist is to step outside the maelstrom of modern

life and to calmly view the world as it is; to be imaginative and creative; to work with a sense of play; to have fun and to be curious.


Peter uses paints, pens, pencils, paper, canvas, a camera and his computer, and draws Inspiration from life in London as well as experiences of exotic places such as India and South America. He lives in London where he's

exhibiting occasionally and contributing to different art events. 



Peter's website:


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