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Andrew Syers is a novelist, playwright, illustrator, film maker & performer.  His first full length play, You've Been a Wonderful Audience had a 3 week fringe run at Baron's Court Theatre in 2008 and his first novel, Long Distance Sleepwalker was published in 2010.  Andrew's work strives for unpredictability, and he wishes to wrong foot his audience. You don't know whether to laugh, cry or have indigestion.  He has works in a diverse range of forms thanks to the many subjects he covered doing his Humanities Degree at the University of MidGlamorgan.  Andrew is glad that he did not get accepted to do a Fine Art Degree at St Martins or any other Art Schools for that matter - a blessing that he only appreciated many years later. At the moment he is working on his fifth short film, The Wealth or Poverty Film, which is in post production and will see the light of day very soon. 


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