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About us

Figmentation Art Collective is an international, professional performance art group based in London, UK. After it's debut in October 2012 the collective fixed into a core group of 7 artists with various specialist skill sets and a further team of visiting artists with more individual abilities.Formed as a response to our society's forever-growing burn-out rates, Figmentation Art Collective provides the audiences with an invitation to slow down, detox and find their inner child with interactive multi-disciplinary performances, accessible to a wide audience, provoking awareness of well-being through performance arts.

The Funders of Figmentation Art Collective have a strong belief that art can be explored as a collaborative endeavour, and since the beginning of the SlowArt movement they have been developing ways to connect artists to work together. SlowArt is a framework for members to join forces, collaborate, unleash their creativity and develop ideas with each other and the communities with which they connect. The collective provides performance arts, workshops and discussions, and engages communities outside the collective in conjunction with performances

 After appearing in Festivals of London throughout Summer 2013 Figmentation Art Collective have captured the interest of the art world in London and is gazing towards that wonderland beyond the seven seas.

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