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The House of SlowART



We are raising funds to purchase, refurbish and run a post industrial building within London area. It is to be adapted as mixed-use space giving home to artists and creative thinkers.

The commercial part will compromise of rehearsal space, conference center and SlowArt cafe with performance stage. The residential part of the redevelopment would be used by us and other artist as flexible live and work space. We would like to be able to offer work & live studio spaces for artists and designers. As we know from our own experience it can be quite challenging to find affordable space to live and to create art. Therefore we would consider a support program for artists, especially connected with the idea of SlowART and intuitive creativity, offering them grants in a form of the studio spaces for a period of time. Especially SlowArt Cafe will be a place that promotes the welfare of other artists, offering a free working space for those who cannot afford their own.


The House of SlowART will be a place of freedom, art and connection. It will be a meeting place full of loving and creative vibration and simply a place to have a great coffee and hung out with friends. It will promote concept of Slow lifestyle and a Slow mind-set.


In a time  and place where people burn out abandoning their inner calling to join the rat race and chase ever-shorter deadline we are want to introduce a space to reset rushed minds, reconnect them to their ‘tempogusto’, their inner clock and bust the intuitive creativity.


If you would like to support us in any way in achieving our dream please contact us on


SlowArt team




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